Just keep your eyes on the flag sir.
Caribbean swimsuits for 2024

Carnival memories dwindle into nothing in the rear-view mirror. The feathered costumes, the high-heeled shoes, and even the pocket flag doo-rags have been relegated to the storage room. If you are planning to go South once the snow flies, thanks to Etsy, there is no need to worry about not being able to wiggle your flag on the beach!
Just in time to winter in the Caribbean, Etsy Canada has just listed on its website almost 800 different men’s and women’s bathing suits that incorporate individual island flags and coats of arms in the product. Their merchants' new Caribbean Swimwear bikinis and one-piece suits are cheap, simple, and sexy—well, maybe not as sexy as what we saw this August 4th going down the road. Whether male or female, think 'Oh la las' and not wolf whistles as you wade into the calm blue Caribbean Sea. And poolside, expect fast, maybe even over-attentive service from the hardworking young waiters and waitresses.

Etsy describes itself as “a community of buyers and sellers from around the world, including 378,000 active sellers based in Canada.” Etsy Canada has clothing, swimsuits, accessories, jewelry, personalized gifts, and vintage goods, available from local Canadian shops as well as sellers around the world (but be aware of import charges and shipping costs).
In terms of the Caribbean swimwear outfits and beach towel currently available, there are several different suppliers, which means that the material and the cost differ from outfit to outfit. Take, for instance, the Haiti bikini decorated by the country’s coat of arms strategically placed over the breasts and crotch. It is made with 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex material. Never mind that the model looks sexy—the Haitian outfit will fit most body sizes and costs less than $50.00.
Jamaica Left

Jamaican logo’d swimsuits have been around for years, but there are always new designs coming on stream, like the green, yellow, and black diamond-shaped one-piece, which is proving to be popular! It sells for less than $40.
The Trinidad colors are everywhere too, including on beach yoga leggings made from 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex. The leggings are soft, stretchy, lightweight, and quick-drying fabric. Word of warning from one consumer: you can see your underwear through the tight-fit outfit. $24.
It appears that most islands have their own design, although we didn’t find any outfits advertising the Cayman Islands or Montserrat.
There are a number of designs for men, although many fall into the category of 'bare as you dare.' One Caribbean-styled crocheted suit has so little fabric it sells for just $7.2. It harkens back to the old song of the early sixties “She (and he) wore an itsy-bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini."


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