If You Ask, You Can’t Afford the House, Just Ask TV’s Eccleston and Wiltshire

Next Monday evening Toronto TV watchers will see what Listing Large is all about. Home Sales? Men’s Abs? Real Estate Agents’ Fulsome Décolletages?
After watching advance copies of the first two episodes of new CTV half-hour locally made programme I can say I am right on all counts, Listing Large is all about two beautiful well-dressed Caribbean Canadians who are very successful listing, selling and building homes in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
CTV Life Channel's new original 10-episode docu-reality series, Listing Large will premiere on Monday, Oct. 16, at 8 p.m. on CTV Life,, and the CTV app. This All-Black production follows the journey of Real Estate moguls and business partners Odeen Eccleston and Lamont Wiltshire as they navigate the challenges of their growing real estate empire while dealing with the demands of parenthood, friendship, and their past romantic relationship.
Eccleston and Wiltshire have been business partners for nearly a decade, taking the Wiltshire Eccleston Group from a small venture run out of their cars to a nationally recognised success story. Now, in a very challenging market, cameras follow them as they launch a new brokerage, hire new agents, and break ground for a number of high-priced new homes.
Eccleston and Wiltshire are the perfect couple (we predict they will get back together again before the end of the first season). He is handsome and perfectly built—a man who effortlessly secures the best seats in the finest restaurants without asking, turning heads wherever he goes.

Eccleston (left), his business partner and former lover, is equally beautiful and so fashionable. She authored the book "Be More Than Just A Dime, A Guide For Beautiful Women & Girls To A Beautiful Life & World," and a couple of years ago, she starred in "Hot Market," an exciting real estate show on CTV's rival, HGTV Canada.
"We started working together in our 20s, buying and flipping houses. We dated and broke up, dated and broke up. We're great business partners but not-so-great romantic partners" the pair says on a CTV website.
As a thriving Black-owned business, the Wiltshire Group's development arm has received an award from the Black Business and Professional Association, a national non-profit organization dedicated to addressing equity and opportunity for the Black community. They have also won a Harry Jerome Business Award.

(Lamont left)

The series opens with the pair launching their new business. They are hiring real estate agents (four equally beautifully dressed Black women) and fixing up an snazzy office in an undisclosed part of town, that looks straight out of the pages of Vogue.
The show is cut very fast, it is a whirlwind of touring new homes, to-die-for parties and office intrigue. Don’t expect to see any new Scarborough homes – Listing Large goes to the best neighbourhoods where there are many zeros on the sticker price.
If you are looking for a mansion to buy, this show will be a of little use. The producers make a point of not saying where the homes shown are located, nor list the price (but trust me if you have to ask you can’t afford it).


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