Seven Canadians Artists Give Watercolours Fit For the King

Eloquence by Neville Clarke


Watercolour paintings fit for a king have been sent to King Charles III by seven of Canada's top watercolour artists, including Jamaican Canadian Neville Clarke. The works will be displayed at the Royal Trust Collection in Windsor Castle, the world's most extensive private art collection, owned by the British royal family.

Neville Clarke, a long-time member of the Ontario Society of Artists and the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, is no stranger to royal recognition. Back in 2001 he presented a portfolio of watercolour paintings to HRH, the Prince of Wales for the Royal Collection on behalf of the CSPWC's 75th Anniversary, at Canada House in London, England. The Ajax resident’s most recent work, a portrait of the novelist Austin Clarke, is currently on display at the Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada, located at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Neville Clarke

Clarke and six other prominent Canadian watercolour artists, including Poppy Balser from Nova Scotia, Shari Blaukopf from Quebec, Linda Kemp from Ontario, Peter Marsh from Ontario, Lin Souliere from Ontario, and Rayne Tunley from Ontario, were selected to showcase Canada's exceptional artistic talent and cultural heritage to King Charles III. Each artist is affiliated with one or more critical Canadian societies, such as the CSPWC, the OSA, and the SCA.

King Charles III, an honorary member of the CSPWC who loves to paint, will receive the artists' paintings once they have been framed and categorized. While the artists have not yet heard directly from the King, a member from The Royal Collection Trust has informed them that an announcement will be sent once the works are hung.

Neville Clark and Prince Charles 2001

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our artwork to King Charles III and the Royal Trust Collection," said Clarke. "This is a proud moment for all of us, and we hope that our paintings will be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come."

The watercolour paintings, each with its unique style and subject matter, were mailed to England and have been received by the King's team. Once the paintings are hung, visitors to Windsor Castle will have the opportunity to see the works of these talented artists.

The Canadian watercolour artists' contribution to the Royal Trust Collection adds to the impressive array of artwork owned by the British royal family, which includes pieces by some of the world's most renowned artists, from Leonardo da Vinci to Rembrandt.

Neville Clarke and the six other Canadian watercolour artists are proud to have their works displayed alongside these masters, a testament to the skill and diversity of Canada's artistic community.



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