It’s Carnival Costume Season

 No Telling What Will Pop Up

By Stephen Weir Photographs by Gilbert Medina


If today is Thursday and you are reading this before 9.30 pm you can totally get outfitted for the Grand Parade at a special registration Pop Up in Scarborough. Coming off a successful Costume Launch in Vaughan, the Carnival Nationz Mas Band has put together a temporary showroom in Scarborough where revelers can get up close and personal and with a roomful of very sexy costume and place orders before the Carnival frenzy begins.


Actually, at least according to Carnival Nationz’ Bryce Aguiton, the madness has already begun. “We had our Saturday night launch on the Easter weekend and the response has been amazing. The calls haven’t stopped. We thought that before we open our permanent Mas Camp we should hold a 3-Day Pop Up in Scarborough to take the pressure off the nonstop calls.”


It started Tuesday evening at the Cinnamon Ru Commercial Plaza on McNicoll Avenue. Running 6.30 to 9.30 all three nights it set to end Thursday. It is being held in a large empty warehouse space that ironically will be transformed this May into the Fantasia Mas Camp!


Judging by the size of the SRO turnout for the Costume Launch at the 1,000 person Chateau Jardin a couple of weeks ago, the Pop-Up is sure to attract a crowd.


The actual Launch put the spotlight on the designs of 15 regal sections of male and female performers. No wonder the theme for Carnival Nationz this year is Queens & Goddesses,


The Pop Up is perfect for people wanting to kick the tires, comparing one section’s design from another.  Missed out? “Stay tuned for information on our permanent 2022 Mas Cam location” announced the Carnival Nationz team on their website.”


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