Three Free World Class Art Sikh Exhibition Now Open In Brampton

PAMA is the place this month to take in the Sikh arts
 by Stephen Weir for the Peel Weekly News
For the month of April and beyond, the rising stars in the Sikh art world have their work on display in the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives (PAMA) in downtown Brampton. Three exhibitions of Sikh art opened today, and, media attending the Friday morning presser learned that the gallery is free for the month of April thanks to the Sikh Foundation of Canada.

The shows - RUPY C. TUT: A JOURNEY BACK HOME: AMARDEEP SINGH: LOST HERITAGE: A SIKH LEGACY IN PAKISTAN and KAUM: CELEBRATING CONTEMPORARY SIKH ARTISTS embrace paintings, photography and mosaics.  The artists with works on display at PAMA hail from America, India, Hong Kong and Canada.

Rupy C. Tut is a contemporary Indo-American artist based in Oakland, California. She came of age in Punjab, India but as a young child moved to the USA. The visual artist has a strong spiritual connection to her Punjabi Sikh background which inspires and guides her on her journey as an artist and calligrapher. 

Her art depicts the decorative Mughal Miniature style and integrates her experience with her own immigration to the United States as a pre-teen. Rupy C. Tut: A Journey Back Home is her first exhibition in Canada.

AMARDEEP SINGH was born in Gorakhpur, India in 1966. Singh is a Singapore-based former banker who has also lived and worked in Hong Kong. He is a photographer, an author and a world traveller.

His PAMA exhibition Lost Heritage: A Sikh Legacy in Pakistan, reflects the artist’s deep connection to the land of his ancestors, a connection that impelled him to travel to Pakistan in 2014 and again in 2017 to uncover the spiritual and architectural remnants of a rich cultural legacy of the Sikh people. Singh journeyed to over 120 villages and cities to bear witness to the once vibrant Sikh presence in part of the world in which it endures as a memory.
Amardeep Singh was given incredible access into parts of Pakistan that were for many years off-limits to Sikhs,” said Harcharan (Harry) Singh, an executive with the Sikh Foundation of Canada. “ He is an amazing artist and he is showing important Sikh religious and historic sites that most of us have never seen.
Both the Lost Heritage and A Journey Back Home, will hang in Pama’s main space gallery until July 2nd. The two artists will be in Brampton to speak about their exhibitions in celebration of Sikh Heritage Month on Saturday, April 21st (12 p.m.) and Sunday April 22 (2 pm) at PAMA. There is also an artists’ reception which will take place on Saturday, April 21 (1:30 p.m.).

Renowned Canadian Sikh painter Kanwar Singh has been creating exceptional paintings exclusively devoted to the Sikh religion and history for over the past ten years. He is one of four contemporary Sikh artists from four different countries in PAMA for the month The photographs and paintings of Aman Chahal (Canada), Ms. Navi Sandhu (USA), Kenwar Singh (Canada) and Manpreet Singh (Canada and India) now hang in PAMA’s Tunnel Gallery.

Harcharan Singh
“I’ve always been fascinated by art and I have always been fascinated by history” said artist Kenwar Singh.  He spoke at PAMA’s launch,  “ I am interested in things that are bigger than personal stories. The paintings that are showing focus on Sikh history.”

In addition to the art exhibitions PAMA is presenting free seminars, lectures and workshops meant to celebrate the contributions and aspirations of all Sikh-Canadians and to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for a rich, unique and diverse heritage.


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