Art Exhibition Opening Trifecta! Sunday Afternoon in PAMA

15 year old model Emily Graham and artist/aunt Heather Graham flank M’s portrait Herman Custodio 

By Stephen Weir - for Brampton Guardian  - Over a hundred art lovers attend a rare triple exhibition launch and free reception at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) on Sunday. Now open at the Brampton gallery is a contemporary art exhibition, an Inuit doll show and an poetry / art installation created by Stephen Lewis and Seneca College art students.

15-year old Emily Graham stands beside her portrait  right, photo by Herman Custodio

Toronto artist heather graham was the keynote speaker at the afternoon event. She spoke about her new Brampton exhibition heather graham: Reminds me of M, Words to Pictures.  This is a multi-media exhibition in which the artist explores boundaries between seeing and experiencing art. Reflecting her interest in ideas about memory and the notion of perception, Graham's art conveys a sense of the passage of time and the fragility of the human condition.
The exhibition contains a number of portraits, including one of heather graham’s 15-year old niece Emily (aka M) Graham.  Emily is the inspiration for the title of the show – Reminds me of M – and she made an appearance at the PAMA launch and was an instant hit for selfie taking art patrons (selfies are encourage in the gallery space).

Inuit Doll by Herman Custodio
 Inuit Dolls: From Past Traditions to New Expressions was curated by Sharona Adamowicz-Clements. 
Speaking at the  launch Adamowicz-Clements explained the “the Inuit have practised the art of making dolls for centuries. Dolls serve many purposes; they are reflections of Inuit life, playthings, charms, tools of domestic training, and tourist souvenirs. This exhibition presents 27 Inuit dolls given to PAMA from the Museum of Inuit Art.”
The Inuit and graham exhibitions are on display in the main space gallery.  A third show, Words to Picture is now hanging in PAMA’s Tunnel Gallery. This exhibition was conceived by artist heather graham as a collaboration between students from Mississauga’s Stephen Lewis Secondary School and Seneca College (York Campus). 

Monica Modopoulos  - Stephen Lewis High School English instructor stands in  PAMA’s Tunnel Gallery beside some of the student paintings and poems  that make up the new Words to Picture exhibition. Pictured Right.

This exhibition brings together twenty-one poems written by senior students of Stephen Lewis, and the artworks that they inspired the college artists to paint.
Each poem found visual interpretation in the art of school peers and Illustration graduates and graduating students of the School of Creative Art and Animation at Seneca College. PAMA is a place to explore and learn about Peel Region’s culture and heritage, as well as use conversation and stories to help make new connections to the surrounding community. Throughout the year, PAMA offers a variety of workshops and programs for all ages, including families and adults.

With so many different programs to choose from, PAMA has something for everyone. Operated by the Region of Peel, PAMA is located at 9 Wellington St. E. in Brampton. Visit to learn more information.

All Three exhibitions were  curated by Sharona Adamowicz-Clements pictured at right.

Heather Graham at PAMA left

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zerry ht said…
Good to know about the art exhibition. It sure seemed to be a wonderful event with artworks, doll show and poetry. I was attending a friend’s birthday party last night at the event space Chicago, and I met an old acquaintance there. She told me that she’s a painter and invited me to an exhibition tomorrow where her works will also be on display.

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