Monday Air Show: Look Up In The Skies And Wave Goodbye To Speedy!

Jacques Bothelin (nicknamed “Speedy") 
#CIAS2016 "This will be the last chance for Canadians to see our team in the air," Leader and manager of the Breitling Jet Team, Jacques Bothelin (nicknamed “Speedy") told me on Thursday. "Toronto's big air show is our last appearance here in Canada. We will be performing in the US in the fall and they we will be taking the team back to fly in Europe."

After 15-years of performing in North America Breitling's 7, L-39 Albatros jets will be waving good-bye to Canada today over the skies of Toronto at the Canadian International Air Show. The Aero L-39 Albatros is a high-performance jet trainer aircraft developed in Czechoslovakia by Aero Vodochody. The jet is still in production and there are over 2,000 jets in service around the world!

The Albatros heads out - Pearson Airport
The team is sponsored by Breitling SA (founded in 1884), a Swiss watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. Breitling designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes high-end aviators watches
I caught up with Speedy at a media preview for the @CIAS2016 out at the Pearson Airport. I didn't get a ride but Global TV's Susan Hay did! Photographer George Socka snapped this picture of Susan after she climbed out of Breitling Albatros.

Susan Hay - photo by George Socka
btw - Speedy is one of the world’s most experienced aerobatics pilots. He has performed around 2,800 demonstrations in 25 countries. As manager, he handles the flight team’s schedule and defines the show program. As leader, he heads the formation, flying plane No. 1.


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