CHRIST OF THE ARM - finding the Lord at Outdoor Adventure Show

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Press photo of Erin Whitley.
She is the Group Sales and Marketing Director for Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas in Nassau.

Iconic sculpture the inspiration for model's ink

I did a photo feature with the Discovery Channel about the underwater Christ of the Abyss sculpture. They used online  a number of pictures I had taken of Him while on a photo shoot in the Keys with Olympus Camera. Christ of the Abyss is a bronzed statue that is underwater in the John Pennekamp Underwater Park near Key Largo - it is probably the most popular dive/snorkel site in America.

Christ of the Abyss. John Pennekamp Underwater Park in the Florida Keys.
Photo by Stephen Weir

The bronze statue was sculpted by Guido Galletti, in 1954. The original is underwater off the coast of Italy. A second casting of the statue is underwater near Key Largo -- it is the most popular snorkel / dive site in the Florida Keys. There is an above water casting of Christ of The Abyss in the Grenada which I photographed 10 years ago.

Didn't know about Erin Whitley or her inked Christ of the Abyss back then. Pity. Erin is a diver, personal trainer, a sales rep for Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas, a fitness and tattoo model and a woman who wears her passion for Christ of the Abyss on her sleeve. 

Erin was representing Stuart Cove's Bahamas operation at the Outdoor Adventure Travel show in Toronto on the weekend. We were talking about Christ of the Abyss when she showed me her tattoo. "It is still a work in progress," she said. "The shark has to be completed and there is more colouring on the way."

Shark. turtle. Snorkeller and Christ of the Abyss.
The arm of Erin Whitley is a work in progress.
Photo by 
Stephen Weir
Her tattoos take a long-time to be inked. She expects that the next time I see her Christ of the Abyss will be completed. Pictured is Erin's tattoo, a Dive Wire photo of Erin and a picture of mine of the statue used by Discovery.

A Youtube version of the Discovery Channel's story of my photos of the statue can be seen at:


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