Let the Games Begin. Super Bowl of Gorilla Marketing

Persil Kicks-Off The Annual Jump On The Bandwagon Super Bowl Competition

By Stephen Weir from article on Linked In 01.23.2016

When Super Bowl Frenzy grips our neighbours to the south, PR/Marketing experts try to jump on a crowded Super Bowl media bandwagon, even if their products/message has absolutely nothing to do with the February Classic.
This morning Persil laundry detergent - a popular German soap marketed in North America by Walmart - kicked-off the non-NFL sanctioned Super Bowl of Commercial Tie-ins gorilla marketing competition. They got in the game by  carefully avoiding the Trade Marked Super Bowl Name when they issued the result of a consumer survey they called THE BIG GAME STAIN! Persil hired a firm to interview 10,000 Americans - 5,000 males and 5,000 female - all of whom had watched at least part of The Super Bowl within the past three years.
Reviewing the results Persil found that:
  • Almost 2/3 of participants (64%) had spilled food on their clothes while watching the Super Bowl or attending a Super Bowl party.
  • 29% of participants who spilled food on their clothes while watching the Super Bowl found barbecue sauce (chicken, burgers, ribs, pulled pork, etc.) to be the most common spill.
  • The three most common game day stains were: Barbeque 29%, Dips 27% and Wings 20%
  • Less than 50% of all participants credited the actual game as what they enjoy most about the Super Bowl. The said they watched the NFL classic because of: the TV commercials (33% of the women and 26% overall), the food and drink (12%) and the half-time show (10%).
15% of all participants have previously called in sick the day after the Super Bowl.
  • 84% of all participants admitted to having licked their fingers while watching the Super Bowl instead of using a napkin. According to a Percil press release "when asked why they licked their fingers instead of using a napkin, 48% of participants answered, "What... there's something wrong with that?"


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