Andrew Hawley Sends Out Press Release Offering $5,000 For Dylan Concert Poster

Received a Press Release this Morning Offering Big Bucks For This Bob Dylan Poster

December 29, 2015 - Rock 'N' Roll collector using press release to find owner of a rare Bob Dylan poster. $5,000 US reward.
Avid boxing style rock concert poster collector, Andrew Hawley issued a North American wide press release this morning to advertise that he is on the hunt for a rare piece of early 60s music. The owner of Vintage Rock Posters, is looking for a 1963 Bob Dylan Newark Mosque Concert poster and is willing to pay big bucks for it. 
The concert was promoted by Moe Septee and Felix Gerstman who were early supporters of 1960s folk and rock acts on the East Coast. Dylan played the Newark Mosque on November 30th. According to Hawley, "This would be the first of two visits for Dylan to Newark in the 1960s. Two years later he would play the Newark Symphony Hall. Murray Posters of New York City printed the concert posters on thick cardboard, which measures approximately 14 x 22 inches. It features an early promo shot of Dylan among with some newspaper quotes. This tour blank was used for Dylan's 1963 tour. Murray printed about 200 copies of the poster and were hung locally across the Newark and New York area to advertise the show."
According to the PR Newswire release Hawley is willing to pay $5,000 (US) cash for original Dylan Newark Mosque or any other vintage 1961-1966 Bob Dylan boxing style concert posters.

He can be reached at 310-346-1965 or email


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