Four Hours to Walk Off a Slamburger. Dueling Ban Jos and Archie and the Bunker

FOUR HOURS to walk off Denny's new burger, Duelling Ban Jos, and putting Archie Bunker back in the Garage. It is Press Release Friday, albeit a few days late. 3 interesting press releases that crossed my desk in the past 7 days.

Extraordinary Food Combinations Comes To Denny’s (Dieters Beware)

The Denny’s Hamburger chain is not about to be out-caloried by the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto and State Fairs across the US. Denny’s issued a press release announcing that starting today and running through to October 12, it is ‪#‎BigBurgerBash‬ time in their North American outlets. A quick glance at their menu shows that three of their top sellers rival the likes of the CNE’s deep fried Oreos and other extraordinary junk food combinations in terms of calories, salt and fat output!
"Denny's is known for taking classic favourites and adding a unique, fresh flair," said John Dillon, @DillonJohnW, chief marketing officer for Denny's. "Our #BigBurgerBash menu is a Denny's-style celebration of our popular, high-quality burgers, combining bold new flavours and the finest ingredients to offer guests our best, and most inventive, burgers yet."
Three of burgers now on the menu board are the Bourbon Bacon Cheese Burger, the New Spicy Sriracha Burger and the trademarked Bacon Slamburger.
“Denny's beloved burger is taken up a notch with crispy hash browns, a tasty egg cooked to order and two bacon strips, all smothered with pepper jack queso (in the Bacon Slamburger)” reads the press release.
According to Denny’s own website, the Slamburger, before you add mustard, ketchup and relish, has 880 calories, 339 mg of cholesterol (13% more than your recommended daily intake) and 1.530 mg (64% of your recommended daily intake) of salt.
The Calorie King website estimates that it will take 230 minutes of walking to exercise off the Slamburger. Meanwhile the New Bourbon Bacon burger with its dump of cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms and sweet bourbon sauce over a cheddar bun has, again according to Denny’s website, 1040 calories.

That Doesn’t Sound Like “Those Were The Days”

Archie and the Bunkers
THROUGHOUT THE 70s when the TV show All in the Family ran the opening credits, Archie Bunker would sing a duet with his with his wife Edith about how they missed the music of Glen Miller in the song called “Those Were The Days.”
40-some years after the sitcom went off the air, there is a new Archie Bunker on the block, and this one probably doesn't pine for Glen Miller or for Herbert Hoover.
A press release was issued in Canada, the US and Great Britain last week announcing the arrival of a two-person group, called the Archie and the Bunkers!
“You wouldn't expect that a band with a combined age of just 30 years to prefer garage rock over the types of music favoured by most of their peers,” reads the Archie and the Bunker release. “But with a sound that draws heavily from diverse musical influences ranging from jazz organ greats like Jimmy Smith, and Richard 'Groove' Holmes, to punk icons Dead Boys, The Stooges, The Screamers, The Damned, and more, these home-schooled siblings have obviously been receiving an education that is far less limited than that of kids who attend the local high school. “
Archie and the Bunkers are Emmett O’Connor on (drums/vocals) and his brother Cullen O’Connor (organ/vocals), from Cleveland, Ohio. They began recording music in their basement, and then went out into the real world in 2013 with two self- produced EPs and playing live shows in which they reportedly attack their songs with a frenetic energy.
In their home state of Ohio the band is often called the “Trashy Twosome”. No idea which brother is Archie and which one is The Bunker, nor why they borrowed the name from the long gone TV show. One Ohio music magazines thinks it may be homage to another Cleveland garage band, the 1995 short-lived Archie and the Pukes.

More Twang For Your Buck
Guitar and  its Banjo app

JON LANGBERG, an America musician and inventor, was faced with a challenge he couldn’t meet. He needed to purchase a banjo and to learn how to play it in a week’s time, for a once-only performance.
He neither had the time nor the money to buy and master a banjo. Instead he came up with the idea of building an attachment that would make his electric guitar sound just like a banjo. The Ban Jo was born.
With Ban Jo you can sound down-home South while playing an electric guitar. He has launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the production of this device.
In the bumpf released by Langberg to promote the Ban Jo, he says, “the device is attached to the body of the electric guitar with suction cups. A fabric is placed on the underside of the device and can be lowered down by turning the wing-nuts until it made just the right amount of contact with the strings.”
So far it doesn’t appear that anyone has invested in Ban Jo, but as they say, these are early days. The inventor says he will use Kickstarter funds to pay for “production materials, equipment, online marketing, and other start-up costs necessary to bring Guitar-Jo to the market.’


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