Fancy Franks Has A Media Preview For Its Gourmet Hot Dogs and Pulled Port Poutine

... adapted from a popular Weir Facebook posting

Open Kitchen at Fancy Franks on Queen Street in Toronto - photo Weir

It was the end of the Month - March 2015 - that I attended a Media Launch for a Hot Dog! PR company had been hired to hold a closed down press party for Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs on Queen St West near Spadina here in Toronto. I almost didn't make it past a phalanx of iPad carrying publicists  who blocked the front door to the tasting, thankfully I brought my invite (I probably didn't meet their age demographics - two bloggers came on skateboards).

Blogger stands by the Media Preview sampling station

I think of the place as Memories of Nathan's on 7th Ave in New York City (but way way cleaner) - All beef wieners in hand-twisted lamb casings BBQ'd on a grill built specifically for hot dogs and sausages.
Varied and interesting take on the urban dog - their menu runs from the PB&J (peanut butter and jam) Dog to the Southern Fancy (BBQ pulled pork & cabbage slaw over a wiener).
I loved the traditional Franks Coney Island (chilli, chopped onions, mustard over a wiener); the spicy Franko Y Huevos (scrambled egg, chopped hot dog, ground chorizo, Sriracha grilled peppers, onions, jalapeños and cayenne peppers), and, the Frankie Goes to Buffalo (chicken bacon, carrots, celery, Buffalo Wing sauce and panko fried wiener).
Owner of Fancy Franks hides from the camera

I was given a poutine side-order dubbed The Porker (ground Chorizo, bacon, grilled onions, squeaky curds, Gravy, scallions and fries). My order had sat around for awhile, and as a result didn't taste $10 great. The rest of what I sampled was worthy as an after-bar de-alcholizer or a pre-Blue Jay game meal.
Bright. Downtown design. Limited standing/seating stations. Cheerful staff (once you make it through the glass door).
Their's is not a street dog menu - easy to spend $30 on a hotdog, poutine, donuts and a drink. Good news - they have a Vegetarian Hot Dog and other non-meat items on their full menu.

Menu over the serving bar - photo by Weir


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