Purple Armpits. Colin D'Mello, Andria Case! Three parts to two new commercials about the Caribbean Carnival


Over 60 mas dancers, pan artistes, make-up people and costume carriers came to Jamaal Magloire's Mas camp to shoot two commercials with CTV/CP24. 
The shoot included a lot of paint throwing ( a tradition that is carried on in all Carnival parades), squirting water and having Soca (Soak-A?) laughs.
Hosts Colin D'Mello and Andria Case were  the only people who managed to leave the Scarborough warehouse (home of Magloire's Toronto Revellers) dry and paint free. The shoot was a lot of fun as these pictures illustrate. What follows are a few photographs from the day long event at the home of the Toronto Revellers on Ellesmere Avenue here in Toronto.

This is one performance the critics can pan!  AFROPAN - Canada' longest performing steel pan orchestras (they celebrate their 40th anniversary this year) sent five of their musicans to appear on camera in CTV/CP24's upcoming PSA for the Scotiabank Caribbean festival

Raise your arm if your pits are purple!

How Much Paint Was Thrown Around?

During the filming of the two Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival commercials buckets of dry paint were thrown over the Carnival Models, the steel pan musicians, the flag wavers and even a huge suspended CP-24 sign! How much paint was thrown?  Well, as the picture shows, this man needed help from our make-up artist to get clean after the first shoot. Every part of his body was covered in paint, including his armpits!

The Paint Thrower!
OO7 - torture by soft makeup brush
The Paint Thrower

This man had a job yesterday that you will probably never see advertised on Workopolis.  On Wednesday he became a professional dry paint thrower.  Still needs a bit of on-the-job training since he got more paint on himself then he did the models!

OO7 would never have flinched under earbrush torture!

Pictured above. The Toronto Revellers have used the James Bond movies to theme their costume designs this year.  Highly unlikely though
that James Bond would have flinched the way this model (wearing a  skimpy Casino Royale costume) did when a soft make-up brush was accidentally rammed into his ear.  Model claims he was startled, not shaken, or stirred.

Colin D'Mello and Andria Case
That is a Wrap
Colin D'Mello and Andria Case. Last shot of the day. Somehow they stayed dry, remained paint free and of course, cool, calm and always collected. Watch for the two ads beginning July 10th. CP24. CFTO. Toronto.


The purple armpit picture has gone viral. Is it because he looks like Blutto? Is it because he has a purple armpit? In 40 hours 300 people checked out his picture on Flickr




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