Cue the actor. Eric Peterson to receive Order of Canada - Socka

You Knew He Was Important Because Of The Size Of The Camera Crew

I knew that the film crew of six had to be from the National Film Board. It was 8am on Saturday at the St Lawrence Market, and the crew members were flush with the knowledge of earning time and half pay. 

They were all men. Of course. They were all in the 30s. They all looked like they had worked for the Peace Corp - a few steak dinners ago.
Old jeans, but pressed. And of course, the pre-planned 5 o'clock shadow that requires you to shave at 9 oclock the evening before to look like a real player!

Who else but the National Film Board could afford to go this big, this early? Who else could afford a camera man, a sound man, a director, a man with a monitor around his neck (and a cool hood to let him watch the action in the dark), a model release guy and some other man that looked for suckers to fluff up and interview?

Sigh. I want in on that gig.

Eric Peterson at the market - George Socka

Anyway, it was all in a good cause. They were shadowing Eric Peterson, an actor I have been following for 40 years (actually interviewed him in 1970 at CJOM radio in the early days). Last week it was announced that Eric has earned an Order of Canada.  This is a well deserved decision by the Gov General. 

The National Film Board is doing a short man-on-the-street film on the public's reaction to Eric winning the Award. Of course, only in Canada, you have to hire a man to walk around and explain to the man-in-the-street, er, market, who Eric Peterson is and what the Order of Canada is all about ( and maybe how the National Film Board has enough funding to actually pay 6 people to work the St Lawrence Market).

George Socka who often shoots videos for me took this picture as I talked to Eric for the NFB camera. 

We were standing in between the meat counter and an ATM machine. We talked about a play he was in at Theatre Passe Muraille (TPM) a few years ago with Linda Griffith - The Blues - which I thought he was brilliant in. He played a has-been writer hanging out at Aldo's Bar. The actual bar from that play's set has been moved upstairs at TPM. My wife and I toasted Eric later that day -- we had a birthday beer waiting for  the curtain to rise at Theatre Passe Muraille's current play Legoland

Told him I had serious NFB crew envy. He winked and went onto his next interview ... George -- slim pickings that early at the Market.


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