Diver Magazine Wreck Story Sidebar #1 Kittiwake

Cayman sinking story by Stephen Weir

Tale of the tape
The World’s newest diveable artificial reef – this month.

The Kittiwake is for divers and snorkellers
Ex-USS Kittiwake ASR 13 - Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue Ship ASR
Built by: Savannah Machinery and Foundry Co of Savannah, Georgia, USA
Keel Laid: 5th January 1945
Launched: 10th July 1945
Commissioned: 16th July 1945
Decommissioned: 30th September 1994
Displacement: 2290 TONS
Dimensions: 251 ft Length - 42 Ft Beam - 15 ft Draft
Machinery: Diesel Electric Propulsion - 1 Shaft - 3000 BHP for 15 Kts
Complement: 85 Officers and Sailors
The Kittiwake shipwreck is in a private park and attraction that is managed by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. All divers to the Kittiwake shipwreck are required to pay an entry fee (which added to your dive shop charges). - Scuba Divers = $10 Cdn/US

Divetech @candw.ky
571 NW Point Road, West Bay
345) 946-5658
345) 946-5659 fax
There are over a dozen other operators who will take divers and snorkelers to the Kittiwake. For a full list visit:

Factoid information  and Lawson Wood photograph courtesy of the Cayman Island Tourism
Full Story: http://stephenweirarticles.blogspot.ca/2012/08/cover-story-diver-magazine-september.html 

YouTube Snorkelling trip on the wreck with Stephen Weir 


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