Just The Facts About Market Wharf

Sidebar #1  Just the Facts About Market Wharf Condos

There will be approximately 475 separate living spaces within Market Wharf, with an expected population of close to 1,000 people all living in one city block.
There will be 4 different styles of units built. It depends on where the units are within the tower and podium. The four styles are:
  • Market Flats – being built on the low rise brick podium on Floors 2-5), no balconies, typically smaller units.  77 in total
  •   Two storey Townhomes are atop the podium on the 6th floor and are two storeys and have their own “back yard” terrace (some have balconies facing the St Lawrence Market as well).  34 in total.
  • ·      Watersuites are all single storey units in the tower and are named as such since they all will have water views of the lake.  Approximately 355 in total.
  • ·      Penthouses. 2-storey glass walled penthouses. Top two floors are shaped like a peanut. Up to 10 units available.

As of the summer, 85% of the units have been sold
The project’s website is http://www.marketwharf.com/
Sidebar #2
Who is buying Market Wharf housing?
According to Marketing Director Craig Taylor:
·      The demographic is a mix of downtown professionals and empty-nesters.
·      Buyers tend to be couples without children who are a mix of first time buyers and move-up buyers and people who want to sell their house and live by the St. Lawrence Market.  Predominantly end-users ( i.e. owners who will live in the building) 
·      St. Lawrence Market is always the core attraction of this project for purchasers, followed closely by the overall St. Lawrence neighbourhood and its proximity to the downtown financial core (where many of the buyers work). 

Sidebar #3
Good Tall, Strong Fences Make Good Neighbours

Why a steel enforced safety barrier is being built between the GO tracks and the south end of the condo tower:

·      On a typical weekday, there are 117 GO train trips operating on three separate corridors -- Richmond Hill, Stouffville and Lakeshore East – all of which will pass by the Market Wharf tower.

·      On a typical weekday there are 34 VIA trains, two Ontario Rail trains and one CN  freight train that pass  by the Market Wharf

·      There is a reduced speed limit in the Market Wharf neighbourhood of no more than 30mph for passenger trains. Freight trains are limited to 15 mph.

More about those train barriers

Market Wharf project is not the only project in the GTA that has to build a train barrier.  Metrolinx (the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority) manages road transport and public transportation agencies in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, and is responsible for ordering train safety barriers to be built around new projects.

According to Metrolink spokesman Ian McConachie, “one example of a recently constructed crash wall is at the Metrogate residential project - on the Stouffville (train) line just north of Highway 401.”

“A crash wall will be included in the forthcoming residential tower project at 507 Esplanades - just west of Market Wharf,” continued McConachie. “Crash barriers have been contemplated for various projects that are still in the early planning stages.”

Not all crash barriers are made of concrete and steel. According to Metrolink there are a multitude of crash barriers used in the GTA including crash berms (a mound or wall of earth or sand) and soil embanking.


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