The Best From Facebook: Vignettes About A Recent Trip to Peru

Crossing the street in Cusco Peru - One part art, One part danger, One part daring do!
(from a series of Facebook postings that received strong readership and approval)

Crossing the Street in Peru Part 1 In the city of Cusco the police use humour to fight jaywalkers on their main street. As mentioned previously, crossing any street, even with walk/don't walk lights is a life threatening experience. Most days during business hours the police dress up officers in Punch and Judy costumes, cucumber-nose masks and Peruvian sheep whips to confront people trying to jaywalk. It works (till they go home) Check out companion posts of a pair of buskers/breakdancers in the middle of a busy street!

Crossing the Street in Peru Part 2:
A different kind of breakdancing

Busker/breakdancer performs in the middle of a busy Cusco street in Peru. I paid him $2.50 for letting me take a picture of his act. Does it when the light is red. Most drivers in Peru seem to ignore red lights, so his act is more dangerous than it seems. He seems to make about 30-cents per light change from bored motorists.

Crossing the Street in Peru Part 3 Crossing any city street in Peru is a life threatening experience. Imagine my shock to find buskers/breakdancers using the cross walks to perform when the always ignored street light is red. Two men took turns running out into the street and performing (see pix of his partner above).
From Stephen Weir Facebook, October 2011


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