Star Stalking In New Hampshire - Map Of Movie Locales

New Hampshire has a downloadable itinerary for starstruck visitors. See where the movies we love to watch were made.
Article in Spring Issue:  Maple Gazette
By Stephen Weir

The New Hampshire Division of Travel &; Tourism Development understands that many North Americans are fascinated by films made by Hollywood.  Not just the big name stars, but also, the locations of where memorable films and TV shows were made. The State has recently put together a downloadable six page Filmed in New Hampshire Itinerary.  
Get your motor running, Heading out the Highway. Look for Adventure! This colourful, interesting Itinerary takes film lovers on a giant road trip that begins in Keene with Robin Williams in his 1995 blockbuster fantasy movie Jumanji and ends in Claremont where the entire comedy Live Free or Die, was made.  
In all the Filmed In New Hampshire booklet takes visitors to 15 different sites. It also gives information on annual Film Festivals that will be of interest to visiting buffs.
Many filmmakers choose locations in New Hampshire because of the unique scenery the State offers.  Visitors will be surprised at what has been made here. The movies listed in the booklet include:

  • Jumanji. Starring Robin Williams. The 1995 Blockbuster Hit was partly filmed in Keene and Swanzey.
  • The Thomas Crown Affair.  A key scene in the Academy Award winning 1968 thriller was made in Salem.
  • Cider House Rules.  New England author and Oscar winner John Irving had the pleasure of seeing his Best Selling Cider House Rules, made into an equally successful movie in locations throughout New England including Hinsdale and Hampton Falls. 
  • On Golden Pond starred Katharine Hepburn, Henry and Jane Fonda. The 1981 classic was filmed in locations including the communities of SquamLake, Concord, and Meredith.
  • Disappearances (1986) starring Kris Kristofferson and Charlie McDermott has scenes that were filmed at Clark's Trading Post and throughout Lincoln.
Cutline (pictured above):  Actor Robin Williams is absorbed by the floor in the film Jumanji. Scenes from the movie were filmed in New Hampshire.


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