Do Toronto Condo Dwellers Vote In Civic Elections?

Sidebar: Voting by the numbers.

Councillor Mihevcfeels that condo residents tend to not take as much of interest in local politics as people who live in houses and apartment buildings. MPP Rosario Marchese (Trinity-Spadina) agrees that Toronto’s condo culture works against residents – owners and renters alike – to get involved in civic politics, but feels that it is changing.
“This is one of the things that come out of that culture of living in a condo, it was sold as ‘you live in your unit, you go away for a holiday, and here is your key’. You lock the door and you are gone, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The point of a condo living in the beginning of the boom was that you don’t have to talk to anyone. You don’t have to be part of a community, “explained Marchese. “The culture of it was based on the idea that you have got things you want to do in life and your condominium offers you an opportunity to do just that, and it gives you the privacy you are looking for. That is changing!”
“It is a mixed bag, in condominiums you have got renters, (which is another reality within a condominium reality) to what extent renters vote versus condominium owners voting is an interesting question that we haven’t analyzed but that effects community living as well,” he continue. “There is no ideology in a condominium at all. Some are New Democrats, more condominium owners are Liberal, and an equal number of them vote for the Conservative candidate. It is pretty representative of the way people vote in general.”

High Rise vs. Houses – who votes more?

Statistics on the voting record for condominium residents is not readable available. However, one can look at voter percentage turnout is wards that have a lot of condos against those that don’t.
In Trinity Spadina, Ward 20 there are 197 registered condominiums and more are being built. City hall statistics show that in 2006, just fewer than 60,000 people lived in the ward. 87% of voters live in high-rises and low rises dwellings. 13% live in single or semi-detached residences. Voter turnout last election was 39%.
In St Paul’s (Ward 22) there are just under 60,000 and 74 % of the voters live in high-rises and low rises dwellings. 26% of voters live in semi-detached duplexes, single, semi and row houses. Voter turnout last election was 42%

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