Follow Up: Peter Hughes has left his Fleet!

Peter Hughes quits as president of his former company.
Stays in Florida but now runs a Galapagos Live Aboard Dive Boat

In the last issue of Diver Magazine, travel editor Stephen Weir revealed that Live Aboard Dive Boat operator Peter Hughes had sold his industry leading Peter Hughes Dive operation. One month after that article appeared Hughes told Weir that he has left the employ of Wayne B. Brown, the current owner of Peter Hughes Diving and the principal owner of the Agressor Fleet.
" IT is bitter, sweet for sure. My last day with Peter Hughes Diving was May 15th, 2010 and now I am on my own "
Hughes first order of business has been to purchase the startup company DivEncounters, Inc. of which he is now the President. He is based in Florida near Miami.
His immediate responsibility will be to handle the affairs of the M/V Galapagos Sky (formerly Sky Dancer), ensuring the continued high standard of operation. Hughes says there is possible product expansion in the future. Hughes has also re-established his long-standing relationship with Scubapro, the dive manufacturing company “of first choice,” according to Hughes.
"Stephen, our intention is to ensure the standards our guests have come to expect will not only continue to be met but we intend to work as hard as we know how to further raise the bar ..."
The M/Y Galapagos Sky, is owned by Ecoventura, a small yacht expedition company operating solely in the Galapagos Islands. Santiago Dunn, president and owner of Ecoventura, is an owner-partner, along with Hughes in DivEncounters, Inc.
The website is
CUTLINE: Above. Peter Hughes (left) and Greg Woodward (right) at the Toronto Adventure Show.
Bottom: The Sky Dancer will soon be renamed the Galapagos Sky.


Anonymous said…
Nice description!! I wanna more and more do an Ecuador Galapagos travel with my family! The pictures of that place I saw were amazing!!

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