Diver Magazine Christmas Article Part FIVE- New Underwater Toys for Christmas

New Scuba Products For The Holiday This Year - The Fourth Day of Christmas
(Unedited story in 6-parts - Feature for December issue of Canada's Diver Magazine www.divermag.com)

By Stephen Weir

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, the expert buyers at Diver Magazine have once again come to the rescue of weary holiday shoppers with our well-informed gift suggestions. This time, the buyers have zeroed in over 20 last-minute gift suggestions that are all new (or improved) this year.

Snakes on a Sleigh … Aqua Lung is distributing newly updated and improved Viper and Cobra dive computers this Christmas. Built by Suunato, the Cobra3 and Vyper2 dive computer feature Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes, as well as gas switching capabilities. Both use the Suunato deep stop reduced gradient bubble model algorithm that features continuous decompression for optimal ascent time. www.aqualung.com

Fold ‘em to fit under the tree! The new Flipfins began showing up in dive shops earlier this year. Made by Omega Aquatics, Flipfins look like standard flippers underwater but when a lever is pressed the front of the flipper flips up, allowing the dive to climb ladders and walk on land with ease. $170 US. www.flipfins.com
Tanks won’t fall out of the sleigh thanks to design. The new this year Scuba Tank Transport is both simple and well designed. It fits in the back of a truck and will hold up to five scuba tanks. It is 48-inches wide, 30-inches deep and has a 4-inch lip formed up on three sides to contain up to five high-pressure steel tanks and six aluminum 80's. It also has a unique 2 inch lip folded down to capture the back end of the truck body so that the tanks won’t shift while braking. Built by Competitive Development & Manufacturing in Washington State, the tank holder costs $141.00. Pictured below www.thediversplatform.com

Just when you thought it was safe to look under the Christmas tree … Santa has a treat for divers who like to gamble. This Christmas Aristocrat Technologies is bringing a new video slot game - JAWS - into North America casinos and racetracks that will make divers glad they didn’t go diving this holiday break. JAWS is based on the film of the same name. The fun begins the minute players sit down in their chair -- a nervous flick of a finger on the “shark tooth” spin button, and the game begins. From deep inside the slot, the familiar spine-tingling JAWS theme music plays. Completing the experience, an electro-mechanical buoy topper lights up and sounds off a bell during game play, and shark “gills” cover the speakers.

TO BE CONTINUED ... excerpts right up until Christmas Eve, at www.stephenweir.com


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