Condo Toronto Star Story about bringing up children in downtown condos
I have received feedback from readers (which is very very rare for my condo stories) already. These four emails were posted on the Toronto Star site. Don't disagree with any of them!

mf123, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, familyof3, Saime: You miss the point. Condo markets attract a certain kind of customer with a particular mindset. This kind of customer wants only a condo, regardless of the deals on homes with yards or other opportunities out there. These condos attract people with money (and these people are clearly, at least monetarily, not an "average family"), and they don't mind the prices. There will always be people out there who will scoop these condos up.

Submitted by Sherry119 at 5:41 PM Monday, May 04 2009
A million for a 2.5 bedroom or...
how about some acreage with a big home just on the outskirts of Burlington? Even $400 000 for a 2 bedroom plus den is ridiculous. Again, in the 905 you could pick up a nice 4 or 5 bedroom house with a nice yard for that price. Once you are able to let the kids out to run around in the yard, you could never actually move into one of these condos.
Submitted by mf123 at 9:51 PM Sunday, May 03 2009

I hope these parents have secure high-paying jobs because I don't want to be bailing them out when they realize the cost of raising children. I suspect by the time these children are toddlers, they'll be looking for convenient green spaces in the 905 and the city will be left with oversized, unaffordable condos sitting empty.
Submitted by BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah at 1:14 PM Sunday, May 03 2009

Article contradicts itself...

"The lowrise opportunities in the GTA are small", but for a million bucks, there are a lot more opportunities than this writer is letting on.
Submitted by familyof3 at 11:02 PM Saturday, May 02 2009

Is it just me......
..or has anybody noticed that the prices of any and most all of these family-friendly units, are out of the reach of anyone even two or threee tiers above the "average family" designation?
Submitted by Saime at 9:24 PM Saturday, May 02 2009


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