Family Condo Factoids - sidebar NOT used in Toronto Star story May 2, 2009


In the United States the National Association of Home Builders Multifamily Council regularly issues information on the Multifamily (Condo) Outlook. Among its findings is that:

• In multifamily buildings renters have more children than condo owners, but the magnitude of the difference varies by structure type. Fewer school-age children are found in buildings (rented or owned) with 20 or more units
• The highest number of children per 100 households is 90.8, which is found among households that have recently moved into newly constructed single-family detached rental units. The lowest number is 3.2 for newly constructed condominiums with 20 or more units.
• The National Association of Home Builders found that in hot metro markets - American cities that have retained a vibrant core -- investment buyers now account for 15 percent of purchasers of multi-family condominium units. Speculators are prone to flipping condos, even before the suites are completed.
• How long do new condo owners stay in their suites? The NAHB quote a 2009 study by Dr. Paul Emrath ( which says that in the United States "move-out rates tend to be considerably higher among the condo buyers ... over 16% of condo buyers with children move out the very first year.”
• The same study shows that half of homebuyers in the US live in their house for over 15 years while half of the buyers of condos stay for just 6 years


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