#1 College Park Story - Sidebars that didn't make it into print


On Saturday November 8th, the Toronto Star ran a major feature I wrote about the downtown Toronto city block of College Park. The 3-page story appeared on the cover of the Condo section. There was no room to place the attached sidebar. The actual article appears above (scroll up)

7 Things To Do At the College Park Block

• Renew your driver’s license in the giant ServiceOntario Centre -- basement of 777 Bay
• Witness people loose their driver’s licenses in provincial criminal court. Justice system at work on the 2nd Floor College Park
• Photograph the Three Watchmen Totem Poles carved by Haida artist Robert Davidson in 1984 to mark the city’s Sesquicentennial year. The work is made up a 50 foot and two 30 foot totem poles – center mall 777 Bay Street
• Do something nice – dig deep and take in a charity event at Carlu
• Get off the subway buy dinner in the College Park Dominion Store (soon to be Metro store) and get onto the College streetcar before your transfer times out
• Dangle you toes in Barbara Ann Scott Park pond
• Buy a tube steak from Mrs. Dalloway’s hot dog stand at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard. Meet Ryerson students and thrifty out-of-town Delta Hotel guests
• Get invited to College Park Apartment tenant appreciation roof garden party
• Buy a coffee at Residence of College Park’s Starbucks (on Bay Street) and listen for stock tips, police stories and political gossip
• Try a West Coast pizza at Ponago. The BC Company has 160 outlets across Canada but only one in downtown Toronto -- the Liberties on Gerrard.


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