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Getting in touch
Georgia Aquarium
225 Baker St
Atlanta, Georga
(404) 581-4000
Register for Swim With The Gentle Giant Experience at

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Indoor Diving for Scuba Tourists
The Atlanta Aquarium is not the only place you can dive indoors. Other locations that open their doors (and pools) to scuba tourists include:

Epcot Centre – Disneyland, Orlando, Florida. The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a 6-million-gallon indoor aquarium with more than 65 species of marine life, including sharks. $150 per dive.
Bonne Terre Mine – Bonne Terre, Missouri. The Bonne Terre lead mine flooded in the sixties. Qualified divers are escorted to see mining artifacts, and spooky tunnels. $65.00 per Dive
The Florida Aquarium. Located in Tampa, Florida the large aquarium has a Dive With the Sharks Programme in Shark Bay. $150 per dive
Blue Water Aquarium. Chester UK. Dive in 10 year old aquarium and see one of Europe's largest collections of sharks, £199 per dive
Nemo 33, Brussels• World’s deepest indoor pool for scuba divers, 33 metres deep (hence the name Nemo 33). 20 euros per dive.
Siam Ocean World, Bangkok Thailand. This privately operated aquarium let divers to swim with the sharks. 5,300 Baht per dive.
Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne, Australia. Certified and uncertified divers can swim inside this 2.2 million litre Oceanarium. The tank contains a lot of sharks,. $150 AU per dive.

Sidebar #3

Whale Shark Factoids
The Whale shark (Rhincodon ) is the planet’s largest fish.
It can grow to a length of 18m (60ft) or more and weigh up to 34 tonnes (5 times the weight of a big elephant).
Whale shark skin is both striped and spotted. No two sharks have the same colour pattern
In Asia, Whale Sharks are known as Tofu Sharks because of the taste and texture
The Whale Shark is often called the: basking shark, the Shalaam Waan (Thai), requin baleine and chagrin (French), pez dama (Spanish) and the tuko (Tagalog).
Whale shark are found in all tropical and warm oceans and are pelagic for most of their lives.
They are filter feeders feeding on plankton. They have capacious mouths which can be up to 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) wide and can contain between 300 and 350 rows of tiny teeth.


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