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Last year an Ontario mining corporation told the investment community that it was going to buy an Hawaiian based 54ft luxury yacht and a couple of submarines. On Friday the travel trade learned that the Avery Claire has begun providing the Hawaiian Islands with a one-of-a-kind cruise experience - above and below the water!
In May 2014 Toronto's Zara Resources Inc announced that it had acquired recreational marine assets comprising two recreational submarines, a 10 year lease on a luxury yacht named Avery Claire, and the website www.LuxAquatica.com offering luxury yacht and diving services for the sum of just $500,000.
In a press release, Zara describes their acquisition this way: "The Avery Claire is a luxury yacht based in Honolulu, Hawaii with three air conditioned staterooms, a multipurpose sunroof deck capable of landing helicopters, and a submarine loading bay. The yacht has been featured in the popular TV series Hawaii Five-O and is intended to be used for recreational activities such as sunset cruises, snorkeling, and scuba diving."
"The Avery Claire is a fully certified diving support vessel, and is equipped with diving equipment including air compressors and first aid and oxygen aid apparatus. The newly modified recreational submarines are also located in Honolulu, Hawaii, and are designed to be launched from the Avery Claire. They have recently been modified to accommodate three passengers, and are intended to offer recreational exploration of the ocean in depths from 20 to 125 feet for up to 6 hours".
Now a year later the Lux Aquatica Hawaii has just unveiled the Avery Claire as a beautiful Hawaiian yacht available for a unique cruise experience that includes a three-person exploration submarine.

"Depending on your desires, we customize either the most serene, beautiful and perfect leisure experience that yachting has to offer -- or pure excitement with a shot of adrenalin. Passengers see dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and humpback whales in season, and unforgettable sunsets. Those seeking more action and adventure can jump right into the submarine for the most exciting ride of their life," said Captain John Morton.
According to press release issued by Lux "The yellow exploration submarine is equipped with scuba diving equipment. It accommodates a pilot and two passengers and is launched from the yacht to explore depths from 20-125 feet to enjoy a private underwater tour of the grand Hawaiian ocean."
"Every passenger receives movie star treatment at competitive prices. In fact, our Hollywood icon 'Hawaii 5-O' featured the Avery Claire and spotlighted its beauty," said Captain Morton.
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