Short business piece about how new friendly foods pimp themselves with dangerous underwater images



Grocery Innovations Canada, is the country’s largest grocery trade show and conference. The closed-to-the-public is the place to see new food trends and sample the new foods that will be stocked in independently owned food stores in the months to come. The conference was held late in October in Toronto, and two products debuting at the show shared a common theme … diving and the underwater world!
It will be Sharks, Sharks and more Sharks in Canadian grocery stores if the new importer of Thailand’s most popular energy drink has a say in it. Meanwhile, one Canadian company is betting on children wanting to have a feeding frenzy with FunBites, an all fruit treat shaped like underwater creatures.

FunBites is produced by Sun-Rise a British Columbia based food producer. The product is 100% fruit and has no artificial flavours or artificial colours. “Your kids can explore an ocean full of whales, sea horses and turtles with Berry Blend flavour,” the company’s literature says. “FunBites are easy to pack and easy to share-not that they'll want to.”
Shark is a heavily caffeinated energy drink which gives consumers a Jaws-like first bite. It comes in 250 mL aluminum cans which have a toothy shark logo. Shark has 35 mg of sugar per 250 mL can which explains its distinctive super sweet above water syrupy taste!

cutline - Shark drink and the FunBite box


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