#2 College Park Story - Sidebars that didn't make it into print

On Saturday November 8th, the Toronto Star ran a major feature I wrote about the downtown Toronto city block of College Park. The 3-page story appeared on the cover of the Condo section. There was no room to place the attached sidebar.The actual article appears above (scroll up)

777 Bay Street Dollarrama. University of Ryerson students ‘08 version of an Eaton’s department store.

What you can buy there for a dollar:
• Individual plates, cups, glasses and cutlery
• 3 movies on 1 DVD including Peter Lorre in Mr. Moto’s Last Warning
• Pregnancy test kit
• Deluxe can of Vienna Sausages
• Bendable pen in the shape of a dolphin
• 100 sheets of paper
• Squeezy container of bright yellow paint
• CD album case covered in poodle pictures
• Energy star light bulb
• Box of Uncle Ben’s rice


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