Thursday, 30 August 2012

Diver Magazine Wreck Story Sidebar #2 Soto Trader

Soto Wreck - Little Cayman - Peter Brink
 Cayman Wreck Story - Diver Magazine September 2012

Little Cayman - The Wreck of the Soto Trader

MV Soto Trader
Commissioned: 1940s.
Decommissioned: 1975
Date lost04/04/1975 cause lostfire
Dimensions: 120 Ft Length - 30 Ft Beam
Cargo at time of sinking: Beer. Construction equipment. Vehicle.
Note: no beer has been found on the wreck this century. (I’ve looked)
Reef Divers Little Cayman
Conch Club Condos and Conch Club Divers
Phone: (345) 948 1026  (561) 283-1715
P.O. Box 58, Little Cayman. KY3-2501, Cayman Islands
Conch Club Divers in Little Cayman
Phone (345) 948-1026  (832) 460-9127

Little Cayman Beach Resort and Reef Divers
Phone: (345) 948-0124

The Southern Cross Club
Little Cayman
Tel: 345-948-1099

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