Photo and Cutline from the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto newsletter and website

Fresh from the frying pan! Black Sage chef holds up a Bake and Shark dish!

 Bake and Shark.  Third Annual Blocko in Toronto during the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto

Bake and Shark is a very popular street food sold in Trinidad and Tobago but is difficult to find in Toronto ... except during Carnival. It is one of those must-try items if you attend any Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto events,or if you attend a Mas Camp Blocko!
On Saturday, June 30th the Black Sage Carnival Mas Camp held its third annual Bake and Shark Blocko. A huge crowd came out on Saturday to attend the party held on Barbados Blvd (Eglinton and Brimley).
Bake refers to fried dough. The inside of the bake is hallow and that is where the shark meat is stuffed.
Black Sage was serving up authentic Maracas Beach (Trinidad) Bake and Shark which means that the dish was seasoned with all the fixings, including: Shadow Beni, Garlic Sauce, Tambarind Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Ketchup, Coleslaw, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Pineapple.


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