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Stephen Weir and Maria Nenadovich in front of Andy Warhol's Mao

Title: When Time Stood Still In A Small Town Ontario

Author:  Stephen Weir (stephen@stephenweir.com)

The Story:

A roof. Four teenagers.  A fatal attraction. 45 years ago we were atop of the tallest building in Renfrew. 
It was a science experiment with Superball.  Throw Superball and ita bounce towards the stars. How high would it fly when thrown from the roof?
Whoosh! Screaming screaming streetward. It hit with a sickening splat. Next? Zooming skyward it arced towards the post-office clocktower.
Time stood still. Plop. Tinkles of glass. A round hole at  6.
Before the bouncing stopped we scattered in four very different directions. Guy Fox. Karsh. Hemingway. Pope Paul. Death has caught two. We won’t meet again.


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