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A coral encrusted moped in the sand off Akumal Beach - Weir
A Scuba Dive Girl drifts in the current Akumal - Weir
Yucatán Facts
• The Yucatán Peninsula is a large, cavernous limestone shelf not more than 165 feet (50m) above sea level and without any surface rivers. Instead, rainwater penetrates the porous limestone and forms
underground rivers.
• Most diveable cenotes in Mexico are to be found in the Riviera Maya on the Yucatán Peninsula. It’s been estimated there are approximately 30,000 cenotes in this region of which an estimated 100 are diveable.
• Many cenotes are located on private land and are accessible only with permission. Most are basically inaccessible by normal means but many are open to the public.
Entrance fees vary from $10 pesos to $100 pesos, approximately USD$1-10, for those managed by locals. Commercial operations offering more to see and do typically charge more, USD$10-25.
• The Riviera Maya is a tourist zone situated along the east coast on the Caribbean Sea.
It runs south of Cancun for more than 75
miles (120km) to the town of Tulum, one of
the most important archeological sites in the
Mayan World.
• Offshore the most important attraction in the Riviera Maya is the Great Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. The diveable reef stretches southward to the coast of Honduras
• Getting There: Airlines flying into the Yucatán in season include: Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, Frontier Airlines, Jet Blue US Airline and West Jet.
• If You Drive: La Ruta de los Cenotes (The Route of the Cenotes) is a paved road
through the Yucatán Peninsula that passes many of the diveable cenotes.
• High Season: December 20 – April 19
• Low Season: April 20 - December 19

Shallow Reef Akumal Beach - Stephen Weir

Dive talk before shore dive to see turtles Akumal Beach - Weir
Tulum Beach - and it is right! Photo Weir


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