Lordy Lordy. Itah Sadu uses Black humour to keep the party rolling Saturday night


Lord Black fills the cracks in the Calypso Monarch programme - Scotiabank Caribana event at Science Centre
Jokes about Conrad Black

Itah Sadu has been making a living as a storyteller for almost twenty years in Toronto. She has the ability to make up a humourous story in a New York minute ( I guess I should say a North York minute) and give an Oscar winning performance delivering the goods. She is so fast that audiences don't even realize that when she takes a deep breath on stage she is actually dreaming up her next 2-minute bit to keep everyone amused.
Her talents were put to the test on Saturday night at the Ontario Science Centre. Itah was the MC for the annual Soca Monarch Contest. This contest is the culmination of a summer of performances by Calypso singers who fight it out to see who can compete at the Monarch for the right to wear the Calypso crown (there is indeed an actual crown).
The evening was plagued with delays. A late drummer meant that the doors opened almost an hour late while the performers conducted sound checks on stage. The sold-out crowd entered the theatre in a testy mood.
Although the music was good and the audience was soon won over, Itah had her hands full with sound system malfunctions and performer delays, meaning she had to keep every one's spirits high with stories and jokes while the problems got fixed.
How good is she? At one point in the evening when she realized that hers was the only mike on stage that worked (and the next singer wouldn't be out until it was fixed) she rhymed off a string of Conrad Black jokes. I paraphrase a little of what she said about Lord Black -- and remember she came up with the following bon mots in a nano-second pause on stage.
IB - on the way over tonight my cab driver asked me if it was true Conrad Black was black. I said, "No Man" if he was black he would still be in jail!
IB - there is one thing in common that our community has with Conrad Black - no country wants us!
IB - I heard that Conrad Black was interested in Guyana. You know that country thinks it is in the Caribbean but it is actually in South America. That means he now has two places where he can try to claim refugee status.
Left - Itah Sadu at the Scotiabank Gala
Right - Calypso singer competing in the Calypso Monarch Contest - Ontario Science Cetnre. Toronto.


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