Tallest Condo Buildings in the British Empire - sidebar that didn't make it in my Toronto Star feature story

Cutline: Otis Elevator's artist rendition of the Burj Dubai (currently under construction in Dubai) - soon to be the world's tallest residential towers.

On Saturday November 8th, the Toronto Star ran a major feature I wrote about the downtown Toronto city block of College Park. The 3-page story appeared on the cover of the Condo section. There was no room to place the attached sidebar. The actual article appears above (scroll up)

Tallest Residential Building in the Empire

• The tallest residential building in the Empire and the world is the Eureka Tower. The 12-year old building is a 300-metre (984 ft) 91-storey skyscraper located in Melbourne, Australia.
• The 78-storey Q1 Apartment Tower, also in Australia, claims that it is the tallest residential building in the world when measured to the top of its spire, which reaches a height of 322.5m (1,058 ft).
• The Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat note that there are several residential (condominium) towers being built that will eclipse the Eureka Tower when completed. They are:
o Burj Dubai, Dubai. 160+ storeys. Office, condo and hotel building 2600+ ft (800m) tall
o Pentominium, Dubai. 120 storeys. Residential 2028 ft (618m) tall
o Russia Tower Moscow 118 storeys. Office, hotel, and residential building, 2009 ft (612m)
o Chicago Spire, Chicago 150 stories. Condominium building 2000 ft ( 609 m)


Toronto Lofts said…
The high end Toronto Condo market of $500 sq. ft is now going over $1,500 sq. ft. at some high end projects like the Four Seasons residences and the residences at the Ritz Carlton. Toronto’s selling points are as follows: investors find the city safe economically, politically, and socially, by world standards our Condo prices are a bargain. Toronto is developing into a rich and highly educated core with more and more expensive Condos on the market to satisfy this new lifestyle.
WOW! This condo building is really high. And the design was awesome!

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