#4 College Park Story - Sidebars that didn't make it into print

On Saturday November 8th, the Toronto Star ran a major feature I wrote about the downtown Toronto city block of College Park. The 3-page story appeared on the cover of the Condo section. There was no room for this and several other sidebars. The actual article appears above (scroll up)

Lawyers. Guns and Money

30 minutes in Court Room 2 – College Park, Ontario Provincial Criminal Court:
• A Boston Pizza waitress tells the court that she has found new friends, changed her lifestyle and will go back to school. She was stopped by RIDE on Eglinton Avenue during the summer. She is fined $600
• A translator is needed to help a man plead guilty to drunk driving after he too was caught by RIDE on Eglinton. He is fined $1,000 and prohibited from driving for a year.
• A 19 –year old is lead into court handcuffed. He is sentenced to a few days in jail for missing court dates and for stealing a lap top computer. The judge is told that the man – a professional DJ - went to an apartment to apologize to another man for an earlier incident. When that person left the room he took a computer.
• A young mother is lead into court in handcuffs. She has missed probation meetings and court hearings. She tells the court that she is waiting to get into a rehab programme for crack addicts and wants out of jail to celebrate her daughter’s third birthday. The judge does not want to release the woman but does so after discussions with the Crown Attorney. The woman is shown to the Parole office.
• A man wearing a black AC/DC T-shirt pleads guilty to a charge of shoplifting from a Canadian Tire store. He pleads not-guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled substance (he says the pills are Tylenol) and his held over for trial.


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