Underwater city? The future of Toronto's condo industry

Artist's conception of underwater hotel

Canadian astronaut sits at a picnic table behind the Ontario Science Centre and talks about water and the future of man.


The Toronto Star published a speculative article that I wrote about underwater condos in its 5 kilo Saturday September 8th edition. I am having trouble with my mac posting an automatic link. Until I get that solved, you can use the following to see the article. http://www.thestar.com/living/article/253235

The Toronto Star edited the story for bad grammer, length and photo selection. Some sections of the story were removed and most of the pictures I supplied were not used. The Star used a file photo and a few pictures from one of the underwater resorts. Below is the orginal story and some of the photographs I took for the piece. The Star version of my story reads better, is tighter and the layout is eye catching, however, you might find it interesting to read the longer more extensive version of the piece.


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